Hosted Apps

Collection of small projects which are strictly html/JS/CSS and hence can be hosted directly from their Github repository. This saves the step of SSHing to my hosted box and puulling everything pushed from a local dev environment. Slightly inconvenient as I need to work from the git gh-pages branch vs. master but I can live with that for now.

Note that the default pages aren't responsive, so I replaced them with this page which is based on a template from Initializr.

Dot Game

An HTML5 Canvas/jQuery Mobile clone of the game found on kid's menus at restaurants.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Game written with the Phaser Game framework. Targeted at (a) mobile devices and (b) 7 year olds.

Ryan Words

Some of the worst JavaScript I (or anyone) has ever written, but a functioning mobile game based on jQuery mobile. It is on my "TODO" list to fix it up (i.e. completely re-write everything).